Firefighter at the SceneBoth the career and volunteer staff at the Iberia Parish Fire District #1 work closely with the LSU Fire and Emergency Training Institute to make sure all firefighters are well-prepared and kept up-to-date on the latest training methods.  Both staffs are required to fulfill training hours each year to maintain their certifications.

Classes include Fire Suppression, Extrication, Hose Handling, Officer Training, Rescue, Equipment Familiarization, Pump Operation, Fire Behavior and Cause & Determination.

The Fire District also conducts training on its own with controlled “live burns.” Parish residents can donate dwellings to the Fire District for burning: this program provides valuable training for firefighters in a safer, more controlled environment. Firefighters can use the donated structure to simulate various conditions, and can practice different scenarios in a safer environment than when battling a real blaze. If you are interested in the possibility of donating a structure to the Fire District, please click on the “Contacts” link and give the department a call.