Firefighters at the SceneAlthough we handle other situations and respond to a variety of calls, our primary purpose as Fire District #1 is to battle, control and ultimately extinguish structure fires within the parish. To that end, all  of our firefighters go through extensive training to learn the techniques we use to bring fires under control. On a scene, everyone knows their responsibility and works together as a team to extinguish the fire as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. On an emergency call, we may respond to falls, industrial accidents or perform vehicle extrication operations.

Panel of a Fire TruckIn addition to fighting structure, vehicle and grass fires on a regular basis, the Iberia Parish Fire Protection District #1 also serves as 24-hour first responders to all medical calls and vehicle accidents in the parish. All firefighters are trained in basic first aid and CPR, and are dispatched to stabilize patients and accident victims until paramedics arrive on-scene. This vital function results in an average of about five calls per day, or 2,000 in a typical year.

Iberia Parish Fire District UniformWe would love to have your class come by Station 100 for a field trip to meet the firemen on duty, see the fire trucks and equipment, and check out where the firemen live and work. We are located at 2309 Avery Island Road and can be reached at 337-365-5872 for scheduling information. Please be aware that because we respond to all medical calls, as well as vehicle accidents and fires, there is the possibility we will be called out before or during your scheduled field trip time! You may want to check with our secretary before departing for the field trip to see if the firefighters are currently on a call. In the event we are called out before the kids arrive or while they are at the station, we’ll make every effort to reschedule and meet with the children to discuss fire safety issues.

Practicing good fire safety habits could mean the difference between life and death for you and your family in the event of a house fire. Having working smoke detectors outside of each bedroom and on each level of your home, paired with adequate fire extinguishers, greatly improves your family’s chances of survival. Developing and practicing an escape plan in the event of a fire is also very important – fire spreads rapidly, and seconds wasted could become critical. Knowing and practicing your escape route and establishing a safe meeting place for your family is something everyone can do to practice good fire safety habits.
*Fire Facts, courtesy of the National Fire Protection Association

For consumer information on fire safety please visit the National Fire Protection Association website.